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HSBC (Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) is a multinational bank headquartered in London. Established in 1866, HSBC is the world’s fourth largest bank with assets totalling more than $2.6 trillion. Labelled the ‘world’s local bank’ HSBC operates in 88 countries and territories with 8,000 offices across Asia, APAC, Europe, the Americas and Africa. The group has four main businesses; commercial banking, global banking and markets, retail banking and wealth management and global private banking. Across its businesses, HSBC has an estimated 60 million customers.

HSBC Exchange Rate

Having a large global presence means that the HSBC exchange rate and service is better than many banks. They operate a simple fee structure, where the cost of a transfer can be as little as £4, and transactions up to £50,000 can be carried out through online banking an executed within minutes. In 2015, HSBC helped over 1.3 million customers transfer money to over 160 different countries. You cannot use HSBC’s services if you are not a customer however. Even if you are a customer, it may be beneficial to shop around to make sure you are getting the best rate on the market. FX Compare compares HSBC along with a multitude of other providers, which will help you know where to get the best deal.

Getting the best rate.

Our comparison tables at FX Compare compare HSBC foreign exchange rates alongside rates from the big banks and other online FOREX companies. The table will give you the option to select the currencies you want to exchange and the amount of the transaction. The table provides live rates that are updated every minute giving you a visibility of how much you’re sending. We also list fees and other relevant information on the provider to help you decide. FX Compare only works with trusted partners so, like our many customers, you can feel secure making your money transfers.

AUD » GBP 0.5894 GBP » AUD 1.6966
CAD » GBP 0.6036 GBP » CAD 1.6566
CHF » GBP 0.8010 GBP » CHF 1.2484
CNY » GBP 0.1174 GBP » CNY 8.5176
EUR » GBP 0.8595 GBP » EUR 1.1634
FJD » GBP 0.3903 GBP » FJD 2.5621
HKD » GBP 0.1031 GBP » HKD 9.6982
INR » GBP 0.0118 GBP » INR 84.4437
JPY » GBP 0.0071 GBP » JPY 141.2937
NZD » GBP 0.5775 GBP » NZD 1.7316
PHP » GBP 0.0162 GBP » PHP 61.8851
SGD » GBP 0.5638 GBP » SGD 1.7737
THB » GBP 0.0229 GBP » THB 43.7307
USD » GBP 0.7954 GBP » USD 1.2572
ZAR » GBP 0.0597 GBP » ZAR 16.7586

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