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Chinese Currency

The Yuan, also abbreviated as the CNY, is the national currency of China. However, it is also commonly known as the Renminbi (RMB), which translates as the ‘the people’s currency’. It was first issued by the Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Bank of China, during the Civil war dating back to 1948. A new Yuan was introduced in 1955 to address the high inflation that China experienced during that time. Since this time of economic downturn, the economy has stabalised and China is now the world's largest exporter of goods. China is the UK’s second biggest importer internationally, and as a result exchanging GBP to CNY is very common.    


With the UK being such a big importer of Chinese goods and services, there is a significant volume of currency being exchanged between the two. At the FX Compare Exchange we compare the most competitive rates to help you get the best Chinese Yuen exchange rate for your pound. We compare multiple banks and currency providers so you can pick and choose the right provider with the best exchange rates with the lowest fees to transfer your money. Regardless of the transaction, business or personal when trying to buy goods or services, FX Compare Exchange has you covered.    


If you are looking for a forex provider to exchange your GBP to CNY, FX Compare Exchange is the place to go. Our safe and secure website uses additional encryption security measures, so you can explore knowing your personal information is always safe. We provide a simple and   convenient place to compare foreign exchange rates between all the top forex providers and major banks, sifting through the market to find the most important and relevant information to help you make that informed decision to find the best deal.  

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