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The world is becoming closer thanks to globalisation. Increasing global trade and the relative ease for consumers to now purchase goods overseas has led to a rise in the demand for a secure and easy way to conduct an international money transfer. It is not just banks that will handle a money transfer. There are now a variety of alternative providers that can also perform the same operations, often at a cheaper cost to the user. At FX Compare, we have removed the guess work out of forex by listing providers in a simple comparison table that allows you to research the market in a matter of minutes. Our comparison table also allows you to select the currency pairs and the amount of you want to transfer to make relevant comparisons.


Time is money, so why spend more time than necessary trying to save on a money transfer when FX Compare can help. There are comparison services for a range of products these days and we believe making money transfers should be no different. Our comparison tables allow you to securely review providers in one clear window. We provide information on the exchange rates offered, the level of services offered, fees, and ways to make transfers so you have a clear picture on the providers to make an informed decision. We have helped many individuals and businesses save both time and money since launching.

Wire Money.  

FX Compare can help you save on wire transfers across borders by comparing the services offered by foreign exchange companies in a clear and easy to use table. You can select the currency pair relevant to you, and the amount you wish to transfer, before refreshing the table with up-to-date exchange rates from our providers to easily compare them against one another. Once you have reviewed the rates and services, and chosen a provider, you will be redirected to the provider’s website to complete your wire transfer. You can be confident you are a getting good rate when using FX Compare.

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